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Ozone has been used medicinally world-wide for decades as a safe and effective remedy for a variety of conditions. Ozone is O3 whereas the oxygen in the air we breathe is O2. The 3rd oxygen molecule is highly reactive which in chemistry terms means that it splits off forming singlet oxygen or O1. This form of oxygen has 2 powerful effects: it’s instantly lethal to any diseased or non-human cells including cancer, bacteria, viruses, spirochetes, fungi, and parasites. At the same time it strengthens and rejuvenates normal human cells.


This property creates a wide application for medicinal use. Although most of the clinical studies have to do with cardiovascular disease, ozone therapy plays a significant role in the management of Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, autoimmune disease, immune deficiency disorders, the infirmities of aging, pain and sickle cell anemia, to only name a few.

Currently at Wellness by Design we use ozone in several different ways:

1. Multipass Hyperbaric Ozone is an IV in which ozone under pressure (hyperbaric) is administered multiple times through the same IV. Dr. Johann Lahodny of Austria pioneered the technique and has documented that ATP (energy) production is 500% greater 8 days after just 1 IV. Most treatment plans call for weekly or biweekly IV’s for 8-10 times. The effects are cumulative meaning that most patients feel improvements after each IV. (Ozone IV was used effectively to cure Ebola virus overnight in Sierra Leone West Africa in 2014.)


2. MAH/UBI. Major AutoHemolytic Therapy can be a stand alone IV or combined with UBI—Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. MAH uses a much lower dose of ozone than the Multipass making it quicker and also less expensive. It can be a good way to start out with ozone—especially for the more medically fragile patient. The Ultraviolet light exposure also helps retrain the immune system and is therefore very useful for both infections or autoimmune illness.


3. MIH stands for Minor Autohemolytic Therapy. In this method a member of our staff draws blood, mixes the blood with ozone and reinjects the ozonated blood into the gluteus maximus—the large hip muscle. This procedure is especially good for depression as well as autoimmune illness or allergies. Typically patients have this done weekly for 4-8 weeks.


4. Direct instillation of ozone. Ozone can be put into almost any body cavity or space with the exception of the lungs. We have a special ear device in which ozone can be gently infused into the ear canal for tinnitus (ringing ears) or hearing loss or even vertigo (balance problems). Ozone can be instilled into the bladder which helps with interstitial cystitis. Ozone can be introduced into the rectum which is almost as good as intravenous ozone. Ozone can also be blown up into the sinuses which is an amazing way to combat sinusitis or even just a cold.

5. Prolozone therapy. Prolozone is a procedure in which either a joint or a soft tissue is injected with ozone. We usually start first with injecting some procaine (an anesthetic) along with some B complex. Prolozone injections can almost immediately stop the pain of shingles. After 2 prolozone injections a plantar’s wart will dissolve. Ozone can be injected into the prostate for relief of hyperplasia as well as an almost instant improvement in ED—Erectile Dysfunction. Prolozone injections into joints almost always help—with short term relief of pain and with long term rebuilding of the joints. We have an almost 80% chance of preventing knees from going to replacement surgery thanks to prolozone injections. Other joints respond equally well. To summarize, topical or locally injected treatments regimes are effective for both bacterial and mycotic dermatological infections, both acute and chronic cystitis, proctitis and colitis, intestinal parasitic disease, osteoarthritis, cervical and lumbar disc disease, osteomyelitis, rotator cuff tear, osteoarthritis of the knee and hip and acute and chronic dental osteitis.


Because of this incredible versatility, there is no doubt that if I could pick only one therapy to have at my office, ozone therapy would be the clear choice.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

I can’t live without it. The hormone replacement gives me energy, I sleep better and best of all I have no hot flashes or mood swings. Dr. Connie and staff take great care of me each time I go. Ladies, treat yourself to something that makes you feel good again, and bring back the energy you had in your 30’s! Thanks Wellness by Design and my husband thanks you too.


Wellness by Design has given me hope when other doctors gave up on me. Everyone on staff is very friendly and the atmosphere in the building is positive, healing, and soothing. There are treatments offered here that other places don’t have, and they work. For the first time in years I feel like I am close to being the healthy, energy filled person I used to be", Thank you Dr. Connie


I feel so blessed to have found Wellness by Design. I was searching for an alternative route for treating numerous health issues and this is the only place in the upstate area to offer the best and most successful treatments for the conditions I have and have had for many years. I was tired of being given prescriptions for symptoms and not treatments for a cure. As an added bonus, staff, nurses and Dr. Connie are the best. When you’re here it’s like being with family. You’re treated like a person, not a patient.


Before coming to Wellness by Design I was experiencing severe depression, anxiety attacks, low energy level and my zest for life was non existent. Thank goodness I heard about Wellness by Design! It has changed my quality of life. The depression has lifted, and I’m back to enjoying life as I once knew it. The staff is great! Dr. Connie spends a great deal of time going over everything with you! Thank you Wellness by Design for giving me back my life.


Since starting with the program I feel I have a new lease on life. At the age of 71 I thought myself lucky just to be able to get through each day. I was very tired, no energy not really depressed, but thinking how I felt was natural for someone my age. Now I have energy, some of my pains are gone. I feel more clear minded, have lost 11 pounds in about a month. Eating well and most importantly learning about nutrition. Thank you Dr. Connie.