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Functional Medicine relies on the concept that everybody has at least some ability to return to a state of balance or “homeostasis” if the body is provided with the right resources and if toxic substances are removed from the body. As such, it implies a partnered relationship between the physician and the patient. Before a functional medicine physician tries to treat any issue, she does a lengthy interview delving into past history, then does a focused exam before recommending labs appropriate to each patient. After the labs are back, a follow up visit will entail going over, in detail, the recommendations needed to start the pathway back to health. Typically, a minimum of 1 hour is spent on the first visit and a minimum of 30 minutes on the 2nd.


Because lifestyle changes (diet, sleep patterns, stress management, exercise etc.) are ALWAYS needed to shift body chemistry, patients MUST be educated on the “nuts and bolts” of how to achieve these lifestyle changes. Therefore, education plays a big role. Of course, the root of the word “doctor” come from the Latin “docere” which means to teach. Only by embracing all aspects of this process, can a FM doctor give a customized recommendation to help each patient reach their optimal state of wellness. In addition to lifestyle changes, as people age, they almost ALWAYS need professional expertise to return their hormones to a more youthful level. Adequate and balanced hormones are one of the foundations of achieving optimal health, energy, and wellness.


By comparison, a conventional (disease-centered) doctor has been trained to focus mainly on “band aids” – those things that will only artificially suppress symptoms. In the insurance based model of medicine there are quotas—patients per hour that MUST be seen in order to meet the salary expectations. Typically, this ranges from 4-8 per hour. This leaves insufficient time to actually find the root cause(s) of the problem. Plus, medical education is biased towards the pharmaceutical approach instead of lifestyle. It is simply quicker to write a prescription than to educate. So, there is no time or focus figuring out what the body is missing or what is toxic in the body.


To summarize, Functional Medicine is a proactive, predictive, and personalized medicinal approach that will help empower anyone who wants to take control of their health. It is permanent and life-changing.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

I can’t live without it. The hormone replacement gives me energy, I sleep better and best of all I have no hot flashes or mood swings. Dr. Connie and staff take great care of me each time I go. Ladies, treat yourself to something that makes you feel good again, and bring back the energy you had in your 30’s! Thanks Wellness by Design and my husband thanks you too.


Wellness by Design has given me hope when other doctors gave up on me. Everyone on staff is very friendly and the atmosphere in the building is positive, healing, and soothing. There are treatments offered here that other places don’t have, and they work. For the first time in years I feel like I am close to being the healthy, energy filled person I used to be", Thank you Dr. Connie


I feel so blessed to have found Wellness by Design. I was searching for an alternative route for treating numerous health issues and this is the only place in the upstate area to offer the best and most successful treatments for the conditions I have and have had for many years. I was tired of being given prescriptions for symptoms and not treatments for a cure. As an added bonus, staff, nurses and Dr. Connie are the best. When you’re here it’s like being with family. You’re treated like a person, not a patient.


Before coming to Wellness by Design I was experiencing severe depression, anxiety attacks, low energy level and my zest for life was non existent. Thank goodness I heard about Wellness by Design! It has changed my quality of life. The depression has lifted, and I’m back to enjoying life as I once knew it. The staff is great! Dr. Connie spends a great deal of time going over everything with you! Thank you Wellness by Design for giving me back my life.


Since starting with the program I feel I have a new lease on life. At the age of 71 I thought myself lucky just to be able to get through each day. I was very tired, no energy not really depressed, but thinking how I felt was natural for someone my age. Now I have energy, some of my pains are gone. I feel more clear minded, have lost 11 pounds in about a month. Eating well and most importantly learning about nutrition. Thank you Dr. Connie.